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Our aim at Global Policy: Next Generation is to seek out groundbreaking research in global policymaking and to provide a platform for doctoral and early-career researchers to publish research on-par with the most rigorous of academic journals.

As such, the aims of the editorial team behind Global Policy: Next Generation are designed to broaden horizons in terms of both content and authorship. We wish to publish work that pushes beyond the predominant Western-centric viewpoints in global policymaking and broadens the scope of policy research to include both macro and micro levels of global governance structures. In doing so, GPNG lays down a challenge to early career researchers around the globe to meet this need for innovative and transformational research ideas that have both theoretical value and practical impact with policymakers.

As a part of Global Policy, the new initiative GPNG benefits from the guidance of Eva-Maria Nag, the Founding Executive Editor, as well as members of the Editorial Board of Global Policy. 

We are now commissioning articles for the second edition of GPNG. The editorial team is seeking work across a broad field of research interests. Our aim is not to produce thematic issues, but rather to stimulate cross-cutting debates around a range of global policy and collective action issues, from the environment and health to global poverty and security and beyond. We seek to bring to the fore ideas and research that are at the leading edge of policy work regarding issues that are multilevel – local and global, and micro and macro in size and impact. Importantly then, as an editorial team, we place no restrictions upon the content of submissions other than their relevance and impact to current and future policy issues worldwide.

If you would be interested in submitting an article for GPNG, please send a 500-word abstract on the research article and a two-page CV to next.generation@global-policy.com. If you have any queries, or further questions regarding GPNG, please contact the editorial team at next.generation@global-policy.com.


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Global Policy: Next Generation Editorial Team