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Greg Chin, York Univ. Canada. U.S. Sanctions; Hong Kong & China

With a new American President and an ever more popular leader of China, there is an opportunity to recalibrate U.S. - China relations to reflect today’s reality—two superpowers, with diametrically opposed governance ideologies, who have no choice but to co-exist. A new learning experience for both, as they try to balance today’s geopolitical realities with their vital national interests. PolarisLive is dedicated to providing expert opinion from a range of global viewpoints to decision makers, politicians, and citizens.

Gregory T. Chin, Co-Director of the Emerging Global Governance (EGG) Project, introduces a collection of commentaries on the New Development Bank's evolution.

They will be serialised on Global Policy over the coming months. Read the full announcement here and the latest commentary entitled 'Why China Supports NDB Membership Expansion' here.