EGG Commentary Series

EGG Commentary Series

The Evolution of the New Development Bank (NDB) at Six and Beyond - A New Commentary Series

Gregory T. Chin, Co-Director of the Emerging Global Governance (EGG) Project, introduces a collection of commentaries on the New Development Bank's evolution. They will be serialised on Global Policy over the coming months.

The United Arab Emirates and the New Development Bank: Meeting in the Middle

What are the main drivers of Emirati interest in joining the NDB and, conversely, what considerations led the BRICS members to offer the UAE membership in the first-ever expansion of the NDB? 

Opening New Horizons: Bangladesh Joins the New Development Bank

Gregory T. Chin and Rifat D. Kamal argue that Bangladesh has major infrastructure financing needs, and Dhaka is willing to borrow in large amounts from external multilateral lenders.

What is the NDB African Regional Center and Its Impact in Africa

Daniel Bradlow and Magalie Masamba argue that some rethinking and retooling of the NDB are needed in order to provide broader benefits across Africa.

Why China Supports NDB Membership Expansion

Zhu Jiejin argues that China’s leadership sees the NDB as a tool to counter its main source of global tension.

The New Development Bank and Strategic Partnerships

Suresh Nanwani explores the possibilities for the New Development Bank to collaborate with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to achieve its objectives.

The New Development Bank and Uruguay: A Win-Win Deal

Alvaro Mendez argues that Uruguay’s accession to the NDB has numerous benefits for both the country and the Bank.

New Development Bank’s Role in the International Financial Architecture

The culminating piece in the Emerging Global Governance (EGG) Project's commentary series provides an overview of the New Development Bank's role in the international financial architecture and global systemic perspective.