Solar Geoengineering at a Standstill?

Joshua B. Horton argues that developing countries have the most to gain and to lose from resolving the impasse stalling global governance for geoengineering.

The Global Financial Safety Net: Lessons for the COVID-19 Crisis

Laurissa Mühlich, Barbara Fritz, William N. Kring, and Kevin P. Gallagher call for a urgent upgrading of global institutions for short-term crisis finance.

Responding to COVID 19: TOChina Hub, Private Foundations and Emerging Transnational Support Networks

Gregory Chin argues that the TOChina Hub is an example of a virtuous combination of advanced research and the applied translation of knowledge.

How Can Global Economic Governance Be Improved?

Jim O’Neill from the Emerging Global Governance (EGG) Project outlines his thoughts for 2018.

Opening the Shrinking Global Space for Civil Society

Claudia Juech examines what is causing the shrinking space for civil society globally and what can be done about it?

Foundations 20 (F20): Non-Governmental Actors in Global Governance

Keith Porter explores the emergence of new groupings of international multi-stakeholder that are forcing the powers-that-be to acknowledge and act upon the wishes of real people.

The Maritime Silk Road Initiative (MSRI): Why India is Worried, What China Can Do

Amitendu Palit argues that the China-led Maritime Silk Road Initiative is causing ripples among Indian policymakers.